Don’t Fall for the Hype. Decoding Tier 1 in PV Modules

Decoding Tier 1 in PV Modules: Don’t Fall for the Hype.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) updates its Tier 1 list annually based on the financial health, bankability, and track record of solar module manufacturers. The Tier 1 list is not a ranking of module quality but an indicator of a manufacturer’s industry acceptance.

1.     Tier 1 isn’t what you think: While Tier 1 sounds impressive, it only reflects industry acceptance, not necessarily superior quality or reliability. BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) acknowledges it’s a measure of industry acceptance, not module performance.

2.     Look beyond the label: Technical due diligence firms like DNVGL, PVEL, TUV dig deep into a module’s quality, from factory origins to materials. Their assessments provide valuable insights beyond Tier 1.

3.     Financial security matters: DNV GL’s bankability audits go beyond module quality, ensuring your solar investment is financially secure.

4.     Focus on performance, not just Tier 1: Factors like efficiency, durability, and degradation are crucial. Renevolt, recognized as a Top Performer, exemplifies this commitment to quality.

5.     A balanced approach is key: Combine Tier 1 status with technical due diligence reports and DNV GL audits for a comprehensive understanding of quality, performance, and financial viability.

6.     Conclusion – Informed Choices: In conclusion, considering multiple factors beyond Tier 1 status, such as consulting reputable firms and audits, is essential for informed and reliable PV module selection, given documented instances of quality issues or manufacturer bankruptcy among BNEF Tier 1 manufacturers.


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